Top 5 Engagement Gift Ideas

engagement giftsYour friends have just announced their engagement. You want to give them a unique gift that they will enjoy for a long time to come, not the run-of-the-mill bottle of wine or his and hers coffee mugs. So what can you give them that will make them smile and think of you every time they use it?


There are so many ideas for engagement gifts that will stand out. It’s just a matter of doing a bit of searching around to find one that is perfect for the newly engaged couple. Here are five of the top favorites:

A Couples’ Photo Shoot:

Many photographers offer very unique and individualized photo packages for couples to commemorate this special event in their lives. Popular choices include photos re-enacting the engagement itself at the place where he popped the question and presented the ring, or at a a favorite spot where the couple can choose various poses and showcase the ring and their happiness. One unique choice offered by some photographers includes a photo shoot that includes animals such as wolves or owls, with the couple dressed in various choices of wardrobe, everything from Gothic Romantic to themed costumes. Gift certificates can be purchased from most photographers for these sessions or paid for in advance and presented to the couple to schedule at their convenience.

A Milestone/Anniversary Journal

A very special and much-appreciated gift is a journal in which the couple can record special entries on each milestone of their relationship journey, from their engagement through their wedding and special events throughout their lives such as first holidays together, the births of children, etc. A place where they can write special messages to each other whenever and go back through the years and read them. This is a gift that can become a family heirloom and one that will be appreciated for many years to come. Consider writing a special message inside the cover as a special tribute to the couple and what they mean to you.

Couples’ Membership to a Museum

A thoughtful gift for the couple who both enjoy the arts. A one or two year membership or even a lifetime membership is not only a one-of-a-kind and incredibly thougtful gift, but it is a fantastic way to support the artistic community as well. Truly a gift that will make the couple smile for a long time to come.

Wedding Keepsake Shadow Box

A beautiful way to display and preserve the things that will make their upcoming day so special. A sectioned shadow box with mirror-backed sections or painted white and decorated individually to display a wedding invitation, a few flowers from the bridal bouquet, a pretty hair pin worn by the bride, etc. Hung on a wall in the couple’s home, this makes a lovely decoration and a precious reminder of their love.

First Christmas Engaged Ornament

A unique alternative to the “First Christmas Together” tree ornament, this gift commemorates the couple’s first holiday together as they look forward to many more as a family. It can be personalized with their names, date of engagement, even a laser-engraved photo of the couple. A wonderful starter piece to future ornaments celebrating first Christmas married, baby’s first Christmas, etc. Be sure to include a small card or note inside the ornament box so that the couple can always remmeber your so-thoughtful gift with a smile, year after year.

Unique Special Occasion Gifts for Women

Getting ready for special occasions can be very exciting times in an individual’s life, including buying special gifts for friends and loved ones. Some of the more common celebrations usually require wedding gifts, anniversary gifts and other occasions that involve women. Since some people like to go to these occasions with memorable gifts that people can remember forever, they may looking for things that are one of a kind or unique gifts that people may not think about. So, here’s a few great ideas that people may want to consider.

Wedding Gift for her

Since some people are sentimental, they normally appreciate gifts that have special meanings tied to them. So, one of the more unique ideas that helps to set their mood for going forward, after the nuptials, is a wedding time capsule. The intent is for the couple to fill their wedding time capsule with different types of wedding anniversary gift memorabilia. Which means, they can choose the things that will mean the most to them. From the couple’s wedding day and honey moon to many months after returning home, they can return to the capsule on a special anniversary so that they enjoy looking back gracefully with one another.
Another great gift idea that many people choose is the wedding gift basket. Though wedding baskets filled with little trinkets or large invaluable items is not original, it still allows the person to be unique in the things that they choose. Starting with decadent chocolates from the South of France to buying imported gourmet cheeses from several different countries around the world, people who give the wedding gift basket has a lot of leeway in which to work with when they are preparing to present their selections. Which means, the person can also spend from hundreds to thousands of dollars in ensuring the couple is happy on and after their special wedding day.
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Silver Anniversary Gifts

Since the numbers of silver anniversary participants appear to become smaller and smaller each year, the couples that make it can celebrate these times in style. Many times these couples may have children that they can share these moments with since they are normally part of the overall equation as well. As a result, the couple may receive more than one type of silver anniversary gift that they can use together. One of the more popular or common are the personalized signature frames. These frames can be used for all kinds of pictures of themselves and of their family. The choice that’s made is up to the individual once they have been presented to them. Personalized signature frames are also excellent keeps sakes for those who enjoy reminiscing about the things of the past. We recommend this site for great gifts for her.
After a couple has been together for this significant amount of time, they may choose to stay in for their anniversary dinner rather than going out. Regardless to the choice, they can also use some new items in the home that make their times special. This is why some people prefer to buy these couples elegant glassware for special occasions. Personalized toasting glasses are also ideal for many different great gifts for women occasions so most couples will enjoy them to the fullest.
Because this is also a great time for husbands and wives to switch presents with one another, the present for wife gift may not always be easy to find. However, if the husband gets a little help from their friends and family members, he may find that diamonds really are a girls best friend. Especially, if the diamonds are relatively costly in price and they are made with the type of silver or gold bands.
Preparing for any special occasion can be both time consuming and challenging. One common area that people are normally affected by is the type of gifts that they want to give to couples who are marrying and those who have been married and have reached their silver anniversary years. To make all of these occasions special, the gifts that people give should be made with much thought. By considering these purchases closely, people can get the maximum support required. From buying wedding time capsules to investing money in diamonds for a wife gift, there are many different choices to be made wedding anniversary gift.

Buy Her A Gift That Shows Just How Much You Care

Buy Her A Gift That Shows Just How Much You Care About Her!

Giving her a great romantic gift

When you buy her a gift as a present. It doesn’t matter what the occasion or special moment may be. You should only endeavor to buy her a gift that shows just how much you do care about her. This is something that is important to her in every way. She wants you to show her just how much you do feel for her and want her in your life. Therefore, do go looking around for the very best gift, which will be more than just a mere present to her. It will be a gift that will hold lots of meaning, feeling, and most importantly the affinity that you do feel for her now and always.

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What are some good ideas for a truly meaningful and loving kind of gift? When you get her a present for whatever reason. First of all, you should make sure that the gift is something that she wants or needs first. Secondly, you should get her a hot kind of gift, and the definition of hot is anything that will make her heart do somersaults and feel real burning passion for you. You should also employ a unique approach to your shopping for a romantic gift for her. Women want to know, as well as, feel that she is adored by her man. So, with this said, do purchase her a one of a kind gift that will touch her in a strong and one of a kind way.

One gift that is very romantic from the heart is the gift of flowers. These are often sent to a girls place of work on Valentines Day. Whenever a woman gets a beautiful bouquet of flowers from her guy. It will not only make her feel wonderful in the heart. She will also know that she is indeed special to him in all the ways that do matter most. There is nothing more great than having the feeling and the knowing that you are loved by someone. Flowers promote not just lasting romance, but also tighten the heart strings,and also other binding things.Make your girlfriend or wife know that she is loved and appreciated. The gift of giving flowers is one of the most heartfelt and warm of all presents around town.

Give her something sweet to make her feel sweet. This doesn’t mean to go out and buy her a big box of chocolates. What it means is very simple. He should just and find her some of her favorite sweets. What are these sweets? These sweets can be anything from fruit to nuts to beyond. Sweets aren’t just about candy. They can be about cookies. They can be about literally anything that tastes sweet to her or makes her feel sweet all over. Therefore, this definition is open, as a woman does have many sweets that she adores and that does make her feel real sweet as a woman.

Another idea for a romantic gift for her is something sparkly. All women love sparkly things. This means if she loves diamonds. Get her a diamond ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Handmade jewelry is also another option to explore. Women do love jewelry. Purchase her something she will definitely adore and make her sparkle on the inside and outside. You can buy her a gift to show her just how much you do care. However, it does need to be the right gift, and the right gift is the perfect fit for her every time.

How to Find a Perfect and Unique Gift for Your Wife

A birthday or anniversary is an excellent opportunity to remind your wife that you still love and admire her. It can take weeks of searching and numerous shopping trips, but when you find that special present, you won’t be able to wait to see her open it. Unique gifts are hard to come by, especially for a woman who has everything she needs year-round. With these tips, you will be able to show that you notice the little things, and, most of all, that you care.

Fashionable Gifts for Wives

Fashion is very subjective. If you buy your wife a hat, she may either love it or hate it. Worse, she might accept it and shove it into the back of her closet, never to see the light of day again. Even so, a purse or scarf can be a brilliant gift when done right. Only purchase something if you can imagine her wearing it proudly in public and showing it off to your mother-in-law. When in doubt, go for pajamas; nobody will ever see them, but a warm luxury set will be greatly appreciated in the winter.

Giving a Technology Gift

Technology has given us an endless market of expensive, shiny gifts. But it is difficult to express your love with a Christmas gift that is silver, square, and identical to everyone else’s device. Gadgets can still make good gifts if you put in the extra thought. Add a case and accessories in her favorite colors and designs. If your wife has a favorite fashion brand, there is a high chance that they make fashionable accessories for gadgets too.

Engraving is a low-cost way to personalize a tablet, phone or laptop. Sum up your devoted love to her in just a few words, then use the rest of the engraving space for her full name so the device will find its way back to her in the event that it is lost. If you get stumped thinking of words to engrave, try a cherished quote or song lyric.

Giving a Romantic Gift

Women like romantic gifts above and beyond all other gifts. Men often struggle to find the perfect romantic gift for low number anniversaries. My son recently showed me a fabulously unique gift her bought for his wife, for their first wedding anniversary. It was a gold dipped rose from this company – The Eternity Rose. It was quite striking as it gleamed out of a quality leather bound display case, and was very impressive to say the least. This would be my number one choice for a romantic gift.eternity-rose

Gifts for Her You Can Use Together

If you have exhausted all conceivable options for a great gift for your wife, then you might as well get something that you will enjoy too. If there is an area of your lifestyle together that you would like to improve, a present is a great time to try something new. Spend more time together by gifting tickets to a show or class. Aim high, because you can find a great discount on just about anything. You might be able to afford a helicopter ride or a short trip out of state if you’re able to plan for the off-season.

As the years go by, you might expect to feel even more hard-pressed to come up with new ideas. The truth is, your wife will appreciate a valiant effort and a thoughtful representation of your love no matter how much or how little it costs. The best gift you can give your wife is a cold winter night full of love and laughter. Everything else will just fall into place.

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Edward Guy CEO